Camera Ready

Attention: Oct 7, 2014 is a firm deadline for all camera-ready copies! Submissions of camera-ready copies must be done through EasyChair.


  1. Page limit: 8 pages.
  2. Consider comments by the reviewers
  3. Copyright block: ACM will send you an email with information about how to fill and submit a copyright release form
    • Fill and submit the copyright form
    • Include the ACM copyright block (which you will receive from ACM in response of the submitted copyright release form) on the first page of your camera-ready paper
  4. Ensure adherence to ACM format requirements. Use one of the templates available at:
  5. Pay attention to categories, general terms, and keywords. See:
  6. Check that paper adheres to page limits (see above)
  7. Check paper format: PDF format, US-Letter size (8.5×11 inches)
  8. No page numbers (they will be added automatically)
  9. Submit camera-ready paper no later than October 7, 2014 using your EasyChair account
  10. At least one author must register for the conference. This author must register before Oct 7, 2014 (note: early registration Deadline is Sept. 30).


Submitting Camera-Ready-Copy in Easychair

  • Log-in to EasyChair.
  • On the first screen, choose “Proceedings author”.
  • Click on “Paper #” in the top menu, where # is your paper id.
  • Click on “Upload new version” in the right menu.
  • Input the required pieces of information and submit.

Double-check author information using the “Update authors” link in the right menu. For each author then press the “Update information on….” button and check/correct the fields “First name” and “Surname”.

Letter format

Try adding the following latex commands after the \documentclass statement:

Copyright Form

The forms are handled electronically, i.e., ACM will contact your directly to fill in a Web form.

Categories and Subject Descriptors, General Terms, and Keywords

Also, please pay special attention to margins and the requirements for specifying categories and subject descriptors, general terms, and keywords. See example below: